How To Plan a Stress-Free Wedding
(even during a Pandemic)

According to The Knot wedding site, the average engagement is 14 months. So in 2018, when Abigail Haddock and her (then) fiancé Kevin, were looking to cut that timeline in-half with a fall wedding you would expect tensions to run high.  But after attending the 2018 Brides on Wheels (BOWS) wedding planning event in Granville County you couldn’t be further from the truth.

“If I had to pick one phrase to describe the event it would be ‘stress-free,’” says Abby, a marketing professional and college student. A resident of Raleigh, she admits neither she nor Kevin knew much about Granville County before she attended BOWS.  With an interest in an outdoor venue (with an inside component) Abby and maid-of-honor Alison Pace, came to Oxford. Not knowing what to expect.  “I knew of wedding events where you were able to meet multiple vendors, but not where you were able to visit multiple venues,” explains Abby.  

The Granville BOWs (Brides on Wheels) provides access to both vendors and venues.  The day includes meetings with planners, florists, bakers, and anything else they need to make a wedding day special.  The brides are also taken into the community to see an array of venues that can host their wedding.  From traditional facilities to more rustic settings, the choices are many.

“The whole experience just blew me away,” she exclaims.  “The other women on the tour were wonderful, we all had a great time.” But it was the experience with venues that really made an impression.  “There was no pressure at any of the venues we stopped at.  They just gave their presentation, answered questions, and made everything so easy.  At the end of the day (or afterwards) if you wanted to book a place you did…if not you didn’t,” says Abby.

For Abby, the choice was to hold her wedding at Vino Oasi.  A multi-acre venue in Stem, NC that has a vineyard as a backdrop, two ponds that surround the event venue – and provides both an indoor and outdoor event experience. 

“Having my wedding in Granville worked out perfectly,” says Abby. “The area was unfamiliar to most of our guests, but that was kinda nice. It was also close to the airport, and there were plenty of hotels nearby, and we had a lot of out-of-town guests.  And one of the best parts is it   didn’t break the bank.  It started out stress-free at Brides on Wheels and just kept getting better.”

If you would like to attend this year’s BOW’s Bridal Tour there is still time.  Given the social distancing rules in effect, we will be adjusting the event to ensure the health & safety of brides and guest.  We do ask that each bride and guest wear a cloth mask and bring along your own hand sanitizer/disinfectant wipes.  In addition, each venue guide and vendor will be practicing social distancing by wearing masks and remaining 6 feet away as they talk to brides and guest.  Directions will be given at each venue to make sure that tours are spread out as to NOT allow gathering of large groups.  

To learn more about the Granville Brides on Wheels event, or to register now, visit