Shop The HUB — an Oxford Favorite
that Lives Up to Its Name

Perhaps no other establishment in North Carolina reflects its name more than “The Hub” in Oxford, NC.  Housed in a building that is over 200 years old, The Hub is part “Floyd’s Barber Shop” and part “Cheers” – a place where locals go just to gather and a place where everyone knows your name.

The location has always been a central place in the town of Oxford.  Located on the corner of Hillsboro and Main, for years the building was the home of Stovall’s Gifts and Collectables, an institution in the community.  Its proprietor, Julia Overton, ran the shop and used the basement area to start the now famous North Carolina Hot Sauce Festival.  In 2017, she sold the building to Pierre Gingue and The Hub was born.  Gingue says they initially simply built on the foundation of Stovall’s, “We really made very few initial changes, while Stovall’s was a shop with some beer and wine, we simply migrated to more of a gathering place.  A location to come and relax.”

Three beer taps turned into nine.  A nice wine store emerged.   A coffee shop now nestles itself in the space.  Snacks and light plates such as cheese and crackers have been added.  Gifts and such are still purchased – often times as customers sip on a drink and catch-up with friends.  “The Hub is a place where people come together,” says Amanda Reese, General Manager of The Hub.  Some of this gathering is planned, such as for the Wine Club, Beer Club, and the ever-popular Sushi-Sunday (generally held every other Sunday).  Others are less formal, such as Trivia Night.  The most common though is simply organic.  Locals and visitors stopping in.  Some to just say “hello,” others to stay a little while.  A reflection of the inviting nature of Oxford.  

The clientele is mixed. From young adults, to families, to retirees, all are welcome and all are comfortable.  People stand, and mix, as if in their living room greeting friends and neighbors – children at times peering up.  Large communal tables lend to the casual atmosphere and welcoming vibe.  It is normal to see multiple groups socializing together – often with little (initially) in common except a love for The Hub.  Ask, “how do you know each other” and you’ll hear… “Oh he grew up with my son,” “we work together,” or simply, “we don’t…or didn’t.”  The Hub truly has a way of bringing people together.  

Being a central part of the community also means giving back to the community.  The Hub is the “go to” place for civic events and charity programs.  It has hosted many “pop-up” businesses such as “Strong Arm Baking,” which grew from a once a week bake shop into a “stand-alone” restaurant and bakery now located across the street in their own building.   Good for business, good for the customer, good for the community.  

The bond between The Hub and Oxford is also reflected in the latest addition to the property – they are transforming the lower level into an artist studio for local talent.  Jewelry, photography, pottery, painting and more will be represented in the downstairs studio.  Local artist will use the space to create their visions, interact with customers, provide demonstrations. And, of course, sell their pieces.  A unique idea?  Yes, but simply another way for The Hub to further add to the charm of downtown Oxford.

For more information on The Hub and what they have going on, visit or call (919) 693-1217.  Come join the fun and make a new friend.