Burn, Bite and Bargains Tour

Granville County, NC

Everybody needs a break from their week. Some people like to get outside and exercise. Some people venture out for a good meal. Others opt for some retail therapy and head out shopping. So, we thought, why not put together a tour that gives you all three. That’s how the burn, bite and bargains tour was born. This two day, twelve stop tour will give you a chance to taste some great food and then get your steps in with a little hike and shopping. Because we all know, good shopping is cardio. Now, off you go!

Medium Activity

2 days | 12 stops

Day 1

STOP 1: Lake Holt

Lake Holt is located in the town of Butner and is a one-stop playground. Want to go fishing? Grab a pole. Want to take out a kayak or canoe? Grab a paddle. Feel like resting in the shade in a rocker by the water? Come sit by me. This 365 acre lake is waiting for you to make a playdate with Mother Nature.

STOP 2: Lunch Lake Holt Marina

Conveniently located near to Lake Hole is the perfectly named, Lakeside Grill at Lake Holt. After working up an appetite on the water, popover and order up a hot dog, steak and cheese, or, for those counting calories, a grilled chicken salad. There are picnic areas with views of the water so you can please your eyes and taste buds at the same time.

STOP 3: Shop Cedar Creek Gallery

Time to entertain your inner shopaholic. Welcome to Cedar Creek Gallery. This place is like no other. It was opened in 1968 to share the work of two potters. Today the gallery sells the work of over 200 craftspeople across the US and Canada. So if you’re looking for that something you didn’t know you even needed, it's probably here. Bring your creative juices and the ability to carry multiple bags.

STOP 4: Lake Rogers

How are your boat skills? Get ready to find out. Just northwest of downtown Creedmoor, you’ll find Lake Rodgers. The newly renovated park covers 175 acres and gives you a chance to walk shaded trails, cast a line for a few fish, or explore the shore line in a paddle boat. Come enjoy the afternoon and stay for a great sunset over the boardwalk.

STOP 5: Dinner at El Corral

Come enjoy a great, casual Mexican restaurant with fantastic service and even better Authentic Mexican cuisine delivered fresh each time. Bring a big appetite and maybe some pants with an elastic waist.

Day 2

STOP 6: Breakfast: Strong Arm

Strong Arm Baking Company is all about taking local freshness to the next level. Ingredients are locally sourced and the display shelf is ever-changing. In Summer, expect to find Blueberry lemon coffee cakes and an amazing tomato Pie. As Fall approaches, look for apple cakes and butternut-sage pastries. The full restaurant offers breakfast and more. There is a lot to choose from. This place is not for the indecisive.

STOP 7: Hike - Lake Devin

Located in Oxford, Lake Devin is where to go if you are looking to get your steps in for the day. The park contains a beautiful lake and 2.5 miles of beautiful and shady walking trails. If you are feeling overly outdoorsy, there is also a place to launch a boat, kayak or cast a line. Just enjoy yourself and let the wind play with your hair. (or feel the air where your hair used to be for the follically challenged).

STOP 8: Lunch - Family Diner

Did someone say lunch? Head over to the Family Diner where you will find “A taste of love in every bite.” Daily specials range from meatloaf to BBQ and chicken to pork chops. This cozy restaurant reminds many of their grandmother’s kitchen – not just because of the meal, but because of the smile you’ll receive as well. Eat well, but save room for dessert. Oh, give me a slice of that pie.

STOP 9: Shop Remember When

Remember, shopping is cardio if you do it right. So pop in to Remember When with the goal of working up a sweat. This one-of-a-kind antique shop has an ever-changing decor and inventory. One week you can find a grandfather clock, the next a hand-blown glass vase perfect for your living room. Every trip is different. So plan your next trip back as you carry your bags to the car.

STOP 10: Shop Home Decorator Shoppe

The Home Decorator Shoppe offers many interior design services in Oxford NC Inside the shop, you can find an assortment of decorative accessories, lighting, small furniture, gourmet food items, unique gifts $25 and under, and more.

STOP 11: Relax at The Hub on Main

Sassy pillows to cuddle up with on your couch. The perfect hand soap for your guest bathroom. Fresh-ground coffee to wake you up and keep you going. That perfect bottle of wine to help celebrate the weekend. A casual area where friends and neighbors meet to greet each other or kick-off a happy hour. That’s what you will find at the Hub: Unique products and special people --you included.

STOP 12: Dinner at Tobacco Wood Brewing Co.

The weekend forecast: 100% chance of beer. Welcome to the Tobacco Wood Brewing Company. This place combines great food with some great beer. Simple concept, right? Grab a steak or order a plate of ribs and then pick the perfect craft beer to pair up ---be it a Bullet Stopper or Rocket Surgery. This is a great place to just hang out on the patio and catch up with friends.